My name is Floralba Camargo. I am the founder of Sunflower Home Organizer. I am very passionate about organization and I strive to help people organize their homes because of the positive outcome that it makes in their lives. Organization changed my life and I saw this as an opportunity to start my own business and begin to help others.

   My passion for organization started at a young age in my native country, Colombia. I learned the importance of organization quickly when I noticed how much more efficient and productive I could be with less clutter in my house. When I moved to the United States, I gained a lot of experience helping others organize their homes. I began helping family and friends first, and now Sunflower Home Organizer has allowed me to blossom and be able to offer my help to anyone who seeks my services.

   As a personal home organizer, I listen to people’s personal needs and then begin a unique journey with each individual on a mission to complete organization projects where needed. Having a clutter-free and organized home allows people to live in a stress-free environment where they can make better use of their time, be more efficient, or simply be able to relax and enjoy their home with family and loved ones. What I love most about being a personal home organizer is inspiring people to continue to be organized on their own.

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