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Christine Malick


Floralba helped a client of mine to sort through her belongings and empty it out so that we could renovate it and get it ready for the real estate market. She was professional, efficient and caring enough to separate items of value from items that could be donated. I highly recommend her!

Andrea Maria


We used Sunflower for our home gardening which was a mess and they did an excellent job cleaning up and giving it a much better appearance. I would recommend them/use them again!



Floralba and her team did an exceptional job in organizing our garage. Sunflower Home Organizer was flexible in working with my time constraints and made their selves available when I could fit the project within my schedule. The team was so professional in making sure I was highly satisfied, and even offered additional suggestions to continue to improve the space, and upkeep the space. Sunflower Home Organizer was a pleasure to work with and it feels so rewarding to see the transformation of now having a completely functional space. I would definitely use their service in the future to meet any of my other organizational needs.



I recently got my room and office space re-organized using the Sunflower Home Organizer services. Not only did my living space improve tremendously but my lifestyle did as well. Floralba, the personal organizer, made the process very smooth and convenient. As soon as she was done she showed me where everything was placed so I knew where to find everything. Now my room and office space make it so much easier to use in my everyday life.

Myriam S. Bahiman


I highly recommend Floralba Camargo as a home/office organizer. She worked with me at my house during a very difficult period of my life. She is professional, practical and simply a wonderful person. Very respectful and kind. A great listener. The grounded personality you want around when dealing with change and what can be an emotional or overwhelming process.

Mary Sunbeam


Floralba assisted where needed, initiated where needed with this project not only completed within a reasonable time, but with an encouraging spirit......The factors of professionalism, positive suggestions; and caring attitude initiates this reference. Floralba is the person of choice.

Kathy McCabe


Floralba and Sunflower Home saved my life when I was working full-time and caring for my elderly dad and our dog. Alba was my personal lifeline! She assisted my lovely dad with companionship or errands when I was working or traveling. She also walked our dog and she is spectacular with animals. I used her for organizing services for my business and to coordinate a move. I simply cannot recommend Sunflower and Alba more highly. I trusted her with the things most precious to me. She's versatile, professional and kind.

John & Anne Barton


We highly recommend Sunflower Home Organizer and its founder Floralba Camargo. She is professional, practical, patient and kind. She listens carefully to her clients’ concerns and designs a process and end product that matches their needs. She makes a difficult job seem much easier and produces lasting results.



I have used Sunflower Home Organizer not only for their organizing services but also for pet-sitting. I left for a month during the summer and Sunflower took care of my two dogs with so much love and care. They go above and beyond and even took one of my dogs to the vet when he got sick and I was away. I knew my dogs were in good hands and that allowed me to enjoy my vacation to the fullest! I know I can trust Sunflower with my precious babies and I will definitely hire them again for pet sitting needs!

Claudia Campos


A few months ago, I made the decision to “get my life organized” by reorganizing and changing the energy in every corner of my house. The best decision I made was to deposit all my trust in Floralba Camargo’s professionalism. She had the patience and was right on target putting my closets and house in order, always with her warmth, passion for what she does, and smile. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Sunflower Home Organizer; not only to assist you in organizing the spaces where you live, but as a result, helping reduce the everyday stress in your life.



After walking into our over-cluttered garage, imagining it clean and organized seemed to be impossible. How could we possibly get rid of so many boxes? Would we ever use our garage to actually store our car? Most importantly, would we ever have the motivation to finish? After so many questions and feeling overwhelmed with the task, we had basically given up.

That is where Sunflower Home Organizer came in. They gave us the suggestions and the help that we needed. They were not only present, but provided the guidance to continue what had seemed to be an impossible job. But above all, they had the patience to see the project from start to finish. We were so happy with the result, that we can honestly say they inspired us to continue with other parts of our house. We are so grateful and happy that we had the expertise of Sunflower Home Organizer. Now we have a great, organized and clean space that we can enjoy!

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