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Floralba Camargo—Owner & Founder

Floralba Camargo is the owner and founder of Sunflower Home Organizer LLC. She is very passionate about organizing and strives to help people find order in their homes because of the positive impact it can make in their lives. Living in a functional and clutter-free environment changed Floralba’s life. She experienced first-hand how much more productive she could be with fewer distractions in her house and how much better she felt about herself when everything was organized.


Floralba was born in a small town in Colombia, called Paipa. In 1990, she moved to the United States to follow her dreams. Once here, she worked extremely hard, became fluent, and landed jobs in different fields before finally building a career in the finance industry where she worked for over 15 years. During her free time, Floralba would help family and friends make better use of spaces in their homes. Pretty soon she became the person everyone called and would rely on when they needed help organizing anything. It was during these moments where she grew passionate about organizing, she saw the difference it made in people’s lives. She noticed this was something that she genuinely enjoyed doing and that she was naturally good at. 


Sunflower Home Organizer was founded in 2012. After much planning and success, Floralba is now able to dedicate herself full-time to her business. Her favorite part about being a personal home organizer is inspiring people to continue to improve their homes on their own. Regaining control and functionality in a home may seem overwhelming and stressful, but it is so rewarding in the end.

Headshot of Floralba Camargo
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